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Show and tell, the letter "H"


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Many of you know (because you are attending) that this year's Lungevity HOPE Summit is at the end of April.  I will be attending with my mom, both for the first time.  I see that there are also several other forum members who will be attending as well.  I hear so many wonderful things about it, not just information-wise, but comradery-wise as well.  If you are hearing about the summit for the first time or are considering registering, check out the information here: https://lungevity.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.event&eventID=739   Let's take the FUN to DC!!!

So, in anticipation of the HOPE Summit, let's do some show-and-tell.  When I was in elementary school, a teacher used the alphabet for the theme of show-and-tell.  Each week, we had a different letter to base our show-and-tell off of. Let's do that for the 4 full weeks of April - using the word HOPE, leading up the grand finale of the HOPE Conference!!!

So, this week, let's focus our show-and-tell on the letter "H".  What/who do you have in your life, what do you love, what silly story do you have - that ties in with the letter "H"?  If you can provide a photo, that would be great, but it's not required! Depending on the photo's size, you can just cut and paste into the body of your text, or you can upload your photo - see the "Drag files here to attach or choose files..." below.  


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H is for "husband" who has been so supportive for a very tough year for him, for me. This man who in our 47 years of marriage rarely cooked or cleaned. He has done it all- making great hot tea with honey and teaching me to love pinto beans and rice.

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H is for Halloween, my FAVORITE!  I love to see all of the kids' costumes and give out candy.  Unfortunately, our new home is quietly tucked away from the rest of society, so no more trick-or-treaters for me, but a good friend of mine now has 2 young girls.  Since the first was born, we have dressed up in correlating costumes and participated in our local downtown trick or treat.  Here is my favorite theme, before their newest daughter was born...

Yes, we are pineapples...


2016 Halloween.jpg

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