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New to this site, seeking advice


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Hello, my name is Lenny and my wife Tami, of 19 years was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer last September.  She was told it was inoperable and chemotherapy was her only option.  After 3 rounds of chemo her PET scan showed a 50% reduction.....after her 8th chemo treatment last month, a PET scan last showed tumors had increased and there was new growth in the lungs.  Looking for anyone who has similar diagnosis and treatments that we could hear from.  She has Stage IV, adenocarcinoma, non small cell, HER2 Amplified.  We are now considering immunotherapy........


Thank you!

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Hi Lenny and welcome. I

'm sorry to hear about Tami's diagnosis. This site is a good place to get information and support. I'm  not up to speed on immunotherapy. There are quite a few site members who are and you'll probably hear from some of them. I don't remember if I've seen posts about HER2 Amplified. ANYBODY OUT THERE?  I hope you'll get some useful info. Well wishes to both of you.

Bridget O



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I am so sorry to hear about Tami's diagnosis.  Although I am not very familiar with HER2 mutation, my mom does have NSCLC, adenocarcinoma and has been on immunotherapy since July 2017.  She is on Keytruda because she has a high percentage of cells with PD-L1.  We have seen a shrinkage in her cancer and side effects so far have been easy to deal with - skin pigment changes and itchy skin.  She is currently battling something that may or may not be pneumonitis and it may or may not be related to Keytruda...her docs are still investigating this.  

I wish you and your wife the best when it comes to this battle.  I am happy you found us as this is the place to get lots of information and support!

Take Care,


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