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C-Met Positive/Crizotinib

Deb B

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Is c-met positive the same as ALK?  They both can be treated with Crizotinib.  Does Crizotinib kill the cancer or just keep it stable with the TLK inhibitors?

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To the best of my knowledge c-MET and ALK are completely different.  Anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) rearrangement is an unusual genetic rearrangement.  C-MET is a genetic signaling pathway involving the spreading, migration and invasion of cancer cells. Now that is my synthesis of some very complicated journal articles.  But, I believe I understand enough to conclude that ALK and c-MET are not similar processes or mutations.

Crizotinib is a targeted therapy used for adenocarcinoma that displays ALK rearrangement. It also is effective for those that display c-MET biomarkers.  My reading of several journal articles suggests Crizotnib destroys the tumor.

But I am not a doctor and I could be wrong.  Some of these journal articles are very hard to comprehend so you might want to tee this question up to your medical oncologist.

Stay the course.


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