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Genentech/Roche is seeking a NSCLC patient speaker who is currently receiving the Tecentriq immunotherapy in a clinical trial as a first line treatment, or someone receiving Tecentriq per the FDA-approved indication as a second line treatment.  Roche will hold a Town Hall at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) on Friday, June 1 in Chicago for Roche/Genentech employees. Roche/Genentech would like to use the meeting to share a Tecentriq patient experience with the 200 + employees in attendance. Roche/Genentech staff value learning directly from the patient speaker about his/her experience on Tecentriq, as well as any other pointers on additional ways we can support the patient community.  Roche will cover travel costs/incidentals/lodging for the speaker and partner (patient and caregiver) + a small honorarium.


If interested, please contact Nikki Martin, Genentech Alliance & Advocacy Relations at martin34@gene.com 



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