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Saturdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Liz is out visiting with friends I now have the house to myself for a short while.Home now from our holiday break in Albir,sporting a nice suntan,temp leaving Albir was 73 F home to Glasgow 48 F,seems we missed a days of bitterly cold weather and snow.Spring has come at last in Scotland next week is to be particularly warm,forecast is in the high 60s F.Well settling into the new home in Lanark,lots to do,so many tradespersons involved,painter,joiner,plasterer,plumber,electrician,slowly getting things into shape.Outside work still to be started,new patio,my wee sister Irene got hers done using a new plastic type decking boards,so we are going to price that material against the traditional timber.The front drive is certainly needing a great deal of work to be done ,thinking about some type of mono-block construction.Think we really need a lottery win to match all our ambitions for our new home.We hope to have the majority of the work done before we set off again to Albir on the 9th of May.Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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Glad you are home safe and getting settled into your new house.  Deciding on decking material for patios is complicated and required information.  Here is a good place to get a prospective on all the materials one can use for outside patios and decks and advantages and disadvantages of each type.


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Hi Tom ,

Thanks for taking the time to look out the decking infro,I never knew there were so many types.Liz had a text from the joiner that the composite type for the patio would be £2,350, in timber £1000 less.What he didnt make clear was that just for materials or did that price include the labour cost too.We await his reply.Thanks again.

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