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Show and Tell, the letter "P"


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It's hard to believe that the HOPE Summit is next weekend!  I am getting very excited, I hope you are too!

This week for our Show and Tell, we are focusing on the letter "P" of HOPE.  What thing in your life correlates to the letter "P".


Here's my Show and Tell for the week....

P is for Parrothead.  I am a Parrothead. I am one of the "people our parents warned us about".  I buy into the Margaritaville state of mind. I proudly don my hawaiian shirt and crazy hat (I have worn the same shirt and hat to every concert and have been offered lots of money for my hat.  I should take someone up on their offer one day since it came from a dollar store many years ago!).  So many great memories are tied to being a Parrothead and going to Jimmy's concerts.  And I truly believe is we weren't all crazy, we would go insane!



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Oh, P is easy. Positive perseverance and painting. I drew and painted before my diagnosis and it's a great way to just forget it all. You can't draw or paint and worry at the same time. Different parts of the brain firing. When I was diagnosed I read that things that would  be helpful mentally were a strong faith, prayer, doing art work, and Journaling. Had done all of that for years, so the Lord had prepared me. And it does all help A LOT with the positive perseverance. 

Judy M. 

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My "P" is for persistence.  It is an essential trait for those with lung cancer.  An analogy of my treatment time was akin to walking all day, everyday into a 50 m.p.h. headwind.  I had to just put my head down and grunt, persist, and gut-it-out.

There is light at the end of the tunnel but one much reach the end before the light.  Persistence is what got me to the light.

Stay the course.


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