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Financial Toxicity -pls help LUNGevity with your experiences


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Did you know that a cancer diagnosis means spending as much as $25,000 during the month of diagnosis? A lung cancer diagnosis can be financially challenging for you or your loved one. LUNGevity Foundation and CancerCare want to learn how lung cancer survivors or their caregivers have been affected financially, following a diagnosis of lung cancer. If you are a patient (or a caregiver of a patient) who has been on active treatment over the past one year, please share your experiences and opinions with us.
Click https://lungevity.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5oTvPJRB6Oak7nT to complete the survey. 

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Filled out the survey. Hope it helps. My husband and I are retired, but he's had to keep working part-time to pay my medical bills. He doesn't complain, but I hate that he's had to do that. 

Judy M. 

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Consider myself EXTREMELY fortunate to have good healthcare benefits and temporary disability insurance.  I had one or two pay periods where I received a bit less than my usual pay (while I was on leave, recovering), but that was about the only financial impact for me.

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