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Waiting for results

Susan Cornett

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I had my quarterly scan on Tuesday and was supposed to get results today, but this appointment was scheduled before Super Doc's travel plans were known.  Between his travel this week and mine next week, I won't get results until next FRIDAY!  Work is keeping me busy so that helps but dang this is a long time to wait......

Crossing fingers that the nodule found in January has just gone the heck away. 

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I'm so glad you posted because I was actually worried when we hadn't heard from you. 

It seems so unfair to keep you waiting that long. No other doc can read the results for you?

Sending all positive vibes your way!



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Finally met with Super Doc yesterday afternoon.  The nodule that was there in January is still there.  Radiologist estimates 1 mm growth.  Super Doc says there's no indication that it is or is not anything.  He said he'll give it 90 more days,  If no change or it grows, we'll do a PET scan and then likely a biopsy.  He said he would talk to Super Radiology Doc about stereotactic radiation.  The good news in all of this is that my right lung (the "good" one) is still clear.  

The interesting find is that the CT showed some calcification on a rib that indicates it was cracked.  Turns out that when I had the plague in December/January, I coughed hard enough to crack the rib.  I knew it hurt to cough, to the point that I thought I had torn a ligament.  

So, life goes on.  Headed on a short vacay with the parents in a couple of weeks.  Looking forward to spending time with them.  Sorry I haven't been out here much lately.  Work is keeping me very busy.  

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I do hope you have a superb time vacationing with your parents.

Great news about the right lung still clear.  One mm is very small and it puts you in the territory of watch and wait and that is indeed bad country.  I learned something that may apply to you if you go down the path of stereotactic radiation at the Hope Summit.  There may be an additional advantage beyond stereotactic frying the problematic nodule.  That is what is called an Abscobal Effect generated by radiation.  This may be especially significant if your superdoc Medical Oncologist is contemplating immunotherapy if more treatment is needed or required.

And I've had the cracked rib from coughing.  During my first stent insertion, I coughed so much I also cracked a rib.  That did not keep my doctors from putting in three more stents....  Lung cancer; if it is not one thing, it is another.  But...

Stay the course.


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