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Is refatigue Normal a year later


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I went into remission from Stage 3 lung cancer a year ago January and was  still fatigued late this January.  I felt that I finally was getting my energy back and was able to do heavy lifting and a get busy.  A few weeks ago I felt like I am back in mid-chemo fatigue (radiation too) and have no energy and my legs fell like gravity is extra strong on me.  Question?  Is this normal? anyone else have this? What to do about it.  I started taking Vit. b-12 injections and a Myers cocktail but not helping.

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It took me almost a year to bounce back from my last round of chemo and radiation.  We all react to all of this differently.  Have you mentioned this to your doctor?  Hopefully it's just your body still trying to recover.

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it also took me a year to where I thought I was out of fatigue but then it returned a few months later..I did see a doctor and he had nothing to say and then I went to a naturopath and got a Meyers cocktail and that has help some. This is taken with an IV.

Calcium Maintains strength of cartilage and bone

Magnesium Muscle contraction, relaxation and blood flow

Vitamin B1 Nerve signaling and energy maintenance

Vitamin B2  Prevention of migraines and energy maintenance

Vitamin B3  Balancing of sex hormones: testosterone and estrogen

Vitamin B5  Adrenal hormone production; muscle and skin repair

Vitamin B6  Clear mental functioning and energy maintenance

Vitamin C  Joint cartilage health and immune system function



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I did get a blood test and do not have anemia and I got an IV of Vit C ..  50,000 units.  I guess it takes some folks more than a year to recover from treatment.  Thanks for the response ..

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