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SCLC - Post Treatment 3 month Check Up -NED


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Three months following a 1/23/17 PETCT reporting  complete response to 1st line treatment (NED - no evidence of disease),  I’m happy to say my 4/23 PETCT  reports “ No hypermetabolic masses or lymphadenopathy in the neck, chest, abdomen or pelvis”   So while my name is Leo, today I’m happy being called NED . 

As a point of reference I was diagnosed with Limited Stage SCLC Oct 2017, underwent 4, 3 day rounds of chemo (Carboplatin/etoposide) with 30 concurrent Radiation treatments & concluding with PCI. 

In addition to the PETCT , a serum Chromogranin A Tumor antigen assay(test) fell within  normal range for the first time since immediately prior to treatment.  While acceptable ranges vary by the  lab performing the test (protocols), the normal range for my lab was 0 - 95. Prior to the start of Chemoradiation treatment, my Chromogranin A was 900+ (Nov 13/17), had fallen to 165 by Jan 2 2018 (prior to my final round of chemo) and is now at 92. 

Needless to say I very happy with this outcome. That said, there were a couple of areas of Small FDG (sugar) update presumed to be effects of radiation treatment and pneumonitis related inflammation. These areas will be monitored over the short term to ensure the voracity of those conclusion. I’m told these  radiation related effects are not unusual this early in the monitoring period. I hopeful in that regard. Any one else experience this?

My final step in monitoring is an appt. with my Radiation Oncologist on May 1, having completed visits with my Pulmonologist and Medical Oncology team yesterday.  

I’m not only thankful for theses results , but also for the words of wisdom, advice, and experience sharing I have found here. It means a great deal! 



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