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The most recent posts of Fay and Dean have brought a lot of raw emotions to the surface. I for one feel that is a very good and healthy thing. You can only learn to handle things when you face them head on be it emoitions or disease.

I have read and reread both of those posts and replys as well as many other recent posts. One thing stands out in all of them. That is what I wish to comment on right now.

Dispite all of the positive attitude we put forth on this board as well as the knowledge that we have all gained one thing is very clear. Most if not all of us still harbor deep down many of the attitudes that we are tring so frantically to change. I even made the comment that because I had smoked I have a very strong chance of developing lung cancer. If we can not change our own attitudes, no matter how deeply they lie, how can we expect to change them in others?

I say let's all start practicing a new discription of lung cancer. I prefer to use this definition. "Lung cancer is a POTENTIONALLY fatal disease. There is no KNOWN cure."

I come to this conclusion for these reasons. 1. Many people develope lung cancer and do NOT die from it. 2. I believe that there is a cure for everything, possibly a natural cure. It is just not known or made available at this time.

It is my intention to tell myself and everyone that I know this definition from now on. Maybe in time we will not only all believe it but it will be proven to be true..

I firmly believe that there is a reason for every minute that a person lives on this Earth. Each and everyone of us touch many lives every single day. If a life it taken or cut short before a person's natural time those whose life they may have touched are cheated. Life is precious any way you choose to live it. The choice is always an individual choice but so is attitude. Let's all make sure that if a person with lung cancer dies it is because of the illness not attitude!

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