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mouth sores and chemo??

Guest neotas

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Guest neotas

Just a question here....

My mom had her first round of chemo about 2 weeks ago and at about 1.5 weeks she developed little sores in her mouth. She started the magic mouthwash, but it got worse, so the doctor started her on Diflucan and Cipro saying she has a fungal infection. The pain is so bad when she swallows, it is hard to take her meds and she doesn't want to eat....even tho she is hungry. The sores look like little canchor sores....not like thrush that is caused by fungus. The meds are helping slowly, but surely.

Is this common? Will this happen after EVERY chemo round? What causes it?

Sorry for the questions....I am so new to this.


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Sadly this is common. My husband started treatment 6 days ago and today woke up with a sore mouth. We were expecting it though. Our nurse informed us that the Chemo works by attacking rapidly generating cells (cancer cells are rapid generators), but the chemo can't differentiate cancerous rapidly multiplying cells from normal rapid cells. That is why red and white blood cells are compromised, the stomach and intestinal lining can suffer some side effects and the mouth and gums have cells that regenerate rapidly as well and sores can develop. In addition, nausea from the chemo, and the stress on the stomach lining, and stress in general can cause additional stomach acid to be produced and that also is a common cause of canker sores.

It is recommended that your mom brush her teeth often throughout the day to keep any of the sores from developing infection, especially after eating or drinking anything and also to rinse her mouth throughout the day with a baking soda and water mix that will help neutralize some of the acidity.

Also, let your nurse/doctor know, they may have something that can help this. I'm told it is very common, so I would think they would have good suggestions to help.

My prayers are with you and your family!


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Guest hopeful2

I brushed with salt and baking soda only and gargled with it about 4x a day. I never did get any sores or thrust. The salt helps toughen everything up I guess.

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Mom also had the sores. She was totally miserable, I just forced her to eat small amounts of soft food. You know how important keeping the wieght up is. I would make her take at least one bite every hour or so. She never lost a pound and even tho the cancer has kicked our butts, she is still the same weight she was at diagnoses.

Unfortunatly(sp?) the cure can be worse than the desease. Small things will come and go, things will throw you and freak you out. Just keep going down the road and take it one day at a time. I wish you and your's all the luck in the world.

It's funny, now that mom is getting near the end, I feel like the older generation with the newbies to this damn desease comming in here. Kick some tail!!!

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