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Small nodules post-chemo


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So we just got the results of my Mom's second mid-chemo CT scan (after her 4th chemo cycle). The first two rounds were highly effective, and all that was left were two small residual nodules (2 and 5mm) in the exact area of the original tumor. However, the second scan after the 4th cycle came back exactly the same. So, my question: is there any likelihood that these tiny nodules are just scar / non-cancerous tissue left from the original tumor? I suppose we can have a PET scan to definitively adjudicate this, but until then, I was wondering if anyone else had this experience...some residual architecture of the tumor but not cancerous? I would think this would be the case because the first two cycles were so highly effective, it seems odd that it would stall at this point. I know SCLC often develops chemo resistance, but I think that is typically seen in the second line of chemo, not mid-way through the first one.

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I’m a NSCLC guy and have had effective chemo that behaved the same way as your mom. But, in my case, after about 6 months, the little residuals started growing. Even a PET with the very small nodules would be problematic. I would think your doctor would want to wait a number of months before another round of diagnostics. 

I’d take Mom on a vacation, maybe two!

Stay the course. 


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