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Scan is clean!!

Guest cbysea1

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Guest cbysea1

Hi Everyone,

My cat scan shows me to be cancer free.Ya Hoo!

However now the left lung has a "questionable" spot 5 1/2 mm.(?)

There is still a little bit left on my original tumor site, 1.2 mm.It's probably nothing but dust! *Grin*

I am still going to radiation for 10 more treatments and I started chemo again for those 3 days every 3 weeks. for 3 chemos.

Had a bit of a set back and I couldn't get my last day of chemo treatment.

I have low white cells now.My hubby is giving me shots for 7 days.Neupogen is the name of the medicine.Has anyone here taken it?

My body hurts in every bone I have. But if thats what it takes to make me well...then I say, Bring it On!

Somehow I didn't get enough chemo when I was first treated.I knew by reading you all's posts and dx's that everyone with sclc had 3 or more chemo sessions.I had only 2.

Come to find out.It was a clerical error!!

The doctors didn't realize I wasn't given enough chemo.

From now on if I even think there is a tiny little mistake I am going to speak out.

I dint post very often but I have developed sincere feelings for you all.I try to stay up on everyone.

Cheryl_Child of God

Dxed. w/ Limited Small Cell Lung Cancer and Squamous stage 3rd.B

Radiation 5 sets then off 2 and then on 2 more sets.

3 rounds of Chemo 3days every 3 weeks.

Ct scan on Jan 27 to see what is going on.

Jan 30 My scan picked up a bit of residue from the tumor on my right lung.All lymph nodes gone.

However there is a small spot now on left lung. I am doing my chemo over, 4x, 3 days every 3 weeks. I am going to get 10 more days of radiation.

Stopped Chemo .White count too low.Neupogen shots for 7 days.

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Wonderful News :lol: Way to keep a positive attitude. You're right about keeping on top of those oncologists, you have to be on your toes sometimes.

So glad to hear the good news.


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Hi Cheryl,

It’s great that you are responding so well to your treatment. :) I had to take a shot for the low white count , but they used a drug called Nutralast, which is sort of an extended release granulocyte colony stimulation factor. I was amazed to learn that they charge $4200.00 for a one-milligram shot, but it only takes one shot.

I found that you must watch treatment carefully. My last chemotherapy was given after only two weeks respite instead of three and I had to have a two-unit blood transfusion. I guess they wanted to clear the Christmas holiday week. Where I live you can get a pizza on weekends, but not cancer treatment.

Good luck and more clean scans!


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Guest cbysea1

You are so lucky Rick.

I take my chemo and radiation at a LSU hospital in Louisiana at no charge.

My prior medical bills have made us acceptable for a pharmaceutical grant.

Praise God .

So all I pay is for private doctors and medicines.

I take the same mixture chemos as anyone with limited sclc.

I am always reading the posts to see if there is anything new on sclc.

1 more day of shots. Counting down to 8 more radiation visits.

The chemo has not bothered me near as bad as the radiation. I am useless most of the time I am on it.My esophagus gets so bad I cant swallow.I drink that Boost liquid and eat fudgecycles.

I think I am the fattest cancer patient I know.

I also think I am so fortunate in getting help with the financial help with the Chemo and Radiation.

I am actually feeling some hope now.

Cheryl_Child of God

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Hello Cheryl..

Congratulations on the CT Scans . Such wonderful news!! I, like you, am undergoing neupogen innoculations. Nurse showed us first few times and now we are flying solo :-). I was told by the doctor and nurse that one of the few side effects of the shots was soreness to the bones. That would explain the discomfort you are feeling.

Hang in there and all will be well in the end (I can feel this in MY bones).



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Guest cbysea1

Thanks Francine,

What's the bluebayou in your name? I am from Louisiana on the Gulf of Mexico.I am surrounded by bayous.

So you get the shots? Sometime's mine burn.I am getting the shots in my lovely roll of "tummy", ever present in most women who have given birth.

(or maybe its the sweets?)LOL

Seriousy ,how many days do you take the shots?

How are you feeling? What kind of surgery was Jan 15?

As of this week I am pro radiation.Only because I know it works. I can suck it up and finish my 8 or so treatments.

Take care and God Bless you Francine,


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So happy for you,what Great News, just the kind we like to hear!

It makes me furious however to hear that you were'nt getting the correct dose of chemo owing to someones mistake! Just shows you, you have to be on top of everything all the time! I used to be such a push-over as far as doctors are concerned, believing them to be beyond my "second guessing"- not anymore!


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