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I need to know what to expect...to lose my little brother is not something I want to face...he's only 42....I need to know how to always be that person he loves so much and is counting on me to be...but, all I want to do is drop and cry....

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I am so sorry your brother, you and family are going through this. When you are ready to share more details about what is happening, people on this siite can help you. Sending prayers and soft hugs.

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Hi Anessia,

Welcome. I read your other posts, too. You can be a sister and a support to your brother without needing to be Xena. this is a good time to rely on prayer, meditation, or whatever other spritual beliefs and practices you have. And to find out what you can about the cancer your brother has and get more information about it. Best wishes. Hang in there, sister! 




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