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Lifemel honey


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Thanks for the article, Robert. This  honey is definitely better than normal honey for its producers (the people, not the bees) because they'll make a lot of money off it. It costs around $45 for 120 grams, which is just over 4 ounces. By my calculations, this will be enough for about 12 days at the recommended 2 teaspoons a day. So we're talking well over $100 per month. Being a person who takes some supplements that are not proven effective for anything, I don't want to be critical of anybody who tries this honey, which would seem to fall in the category of can't hurt, and might (possibly, small chance) help. It would hurt your pocketbook though.. And it could hurt someone who relied on it to the expclusion of convetional treatment.

Bridget O

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Thank you Robert & BridgetO! My sister sent it thinking it might help keeping my blood counts up.  😁  all I was finding was info from the seller.


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