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I have my next scan on June 4th, then see the oncologist on the 11th. I know there is a nodule in my lower right lung. The only question is, did it get bigger. My history is this:

Gallbladder cancer 1992

Lung Cancer 2008- Removed upper left lung. Stage 1BN0

Lung Cancer 2017 Removed upper right lung Stage 1AN0

First post surgical scan found a 10 mm nodule that in a previous scan was 7 mm. Decision was to wait to see is it gets bigger.  Mentally, I am a total and complete wreck. Trying to stay active, so the mind won't go there, but it does anyway. I have to be honest with myself, I believe that I have 3 options that I 'll be looking at, surgical (wedgectomy), radiation, or just continue to wait.  Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. 

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I'd like to say you are unique in terms of cancer recurrence but unfortunately, as concerns lung cancer you align with the norm.  Lung cancer is a recurrent beast!

Like Bridget says, scanziety is common and like lung cancer, there is no cure.  I'd like to say I had the strength and depth of character to say I toughed it out but that would be a lie.  After 14 years of survival and 11 NED, I still experience scanziety after my bi-annual diagnostic scans. 10 mm is pretty small and small nodules come in many flavors.  Here is my go to source explaining pulmonary nodules.

You've been through the drill.  Stand up, check equipment, lock and load, and proceed deliberately to annihilate your lung cancer.

Stay the course.


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I know the drill all to well. Some days it gets to me more than others. If it wasn't for my exercise routine and my music I would be loony tunes.  I am blessed to have a great support system, but I feel that I can get too much even for them.  Congrats on the 14 years and 11 years NED, that is fantastic. 

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We'll be thinking of you and hoping for good results! Please continue to keep us posted!

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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