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Two primary cancers


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my father has just been diagnosed last week.  First with adenocarcinoma in his colon, very large circumferential mass.  As we absorbed this info and he had CTs and MRIs, a needle biopsy of his right lung was done on another mass.  He was discharged from the hospital before those results were in.  We are now told he has a second primary lung cancer, a neuroendocrine type.

he has still not been scheduled with oncology, now we are told he needs to schedule with two separate oncologists (onenfor each cancer) who of course are do not see patients on the same days.  

He is in constant oxygen for very late stage COPD.  The colon cancer has required him to be taken of warafarin which he has taken for over ten years due to two blood clots in the past. 

Anyone have any experience dealing with two synchronous primary cancers? 


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Hi Ria,

I'm sorry to hear about your father's diagnoses. I have had 3 primary cancers, but not at the same time. I can see how this could become really confusing.  Here's a suggestion: he could ask for a referral to a palliative care specialist. Some people equate palliative care with hospice, but that is definitely NOT what I'm talking about here. Palliative care doctors work with people with serious illness to help with pain and quality of life issues, whether those issues  arise from the illness or from treatment. I also recently learned, from a palliative doc that they also coordinate treatment when people have multiple or complex illnesses. Having two primary cancers requiring two different oncologists will certainly need some coordinating. In addition, he has the other health issues which are already impacted by the cancer. He's a prime candidate for palliative care to keep all this sorted and to help effects of the cancer and cancer treatment.

Your whole family must be going through a difficult and confusing time right now. These forums are a good place to find information and support. Please let us know what we can do to support you.

Bridget O

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Thank you Bridget.  That’s definitely a good idea.  They live  in a very rural area so access to the kind of care I would prefer may be lacking or over an hour drive one way. 

We have initial appointments scheduled next week so I guess we will have more answers (and I am sure questions) then. 

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Hi, Ria,

I just wanted to check to see how you and your father are doing. How did the appointment go last week? This site is a great place to find information and support. Please feel free to ask questions and we'll try to help you get connected to members with similar experience. I am happy to provide you with information about LUNGevity support and education resources as well. We are here for you!

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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