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My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC in November of 2016 and is doing relatively well. Last month, it was discovered that her two adrenal gland tumors had increased in size after successfully being maintained since diagnosis with standard chemo. She has started in a clinical trial for a secondary indication for Keytruda (combined with radiation). She's only 30% positive for the PDL mutation. Has anyone else seen or experienced success with Keytruda at such a low positivity for the mutation?

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Combining lung cancer immunotherapy with other therapies is a popular subject right now.  One reason is to find ways to help make Keytruda (and other anti-PD-1 drugs) effective for everyone, including those with low PD-L1.  I've been paying close attention to this because my mom is on Keytruda.  She has over a 90% expression of PD-L1 cells and is currently responding well to treatment.  Studies show that Keytruda and radiation play well together.  Radiation can enhance the effects of Keytruda, even in those with a low expression of PD-L1 cells.  Pre-clinical trials have already found that radiation + Keytrduay can help the immune system find and fight cancer. So, based on my knowledge, this trial is probably a really great opportunity for your mom!

Hope this helps a bit.

Take Care, 


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