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My mother, 76 years old, was diagnosed with the stage 4 NSCLC in April 2018.

She has been taking Xalkori (Crizotinib) since May, and suffering from some severe side effects.  

I’ve  been taking care of her 24/7 over 2 months, and it has been difficult seeing her go through this much pain. She was pretty healthy until recently, and we even took a tip to Santa Fe today last year.  

I’d like to hear experiences from people here and get more info about various treatments. 




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Share the side effects with her oncologist and the infusion nurse. They may be able to alleviate the problems. Talk with her primary doctor for additional support. If you share the side effects here, someone may be able to share how they dealt with the issues. I am so sorry your mom and you are going through this. Soft hugs.





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Good morning.  Laurel is absolutely correct - let the docs know what is going on so they can try to alleviate those side effects.  You may want to consider palliative care for her as well.  This is care intended to help improve her quality of life and can be provided while she gets treatment.  It is not hospice care.  Here's a link to a short explanation.  Here is another.  Please keep us posted and let us know how we can help.

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I just want to say hello and welcome. I'm sorry to hear that your mom is having a hard time with crizotinib. I don't have any experience with this drug,  I think there are some people on these forums who do, and I hope you'll hear from them. Susan and Laurel's advice is sound. Your mom is fortunate to have you to support her. This is undoubtedly a big stressor for  you, not only emotionally but physically. Please take care of yourself as well as your mom. Do you have other family or close friends who help you, or who would if you asked? Don't be shy about asking. Often people want to help, but aren't sure how. Let us know what questions you have and how we can support you.

Hang in there!

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Hi, Willbethereformom,

Welcome to LCSC. How is your mom doing? I'm glad to see that you've already connected with some of our members. Please let us know if you have any questions about palliative care and/or treatment. This site is a great place to find information, community, and hope!

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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