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SCLC to Hospice


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I am telling my story. It is about my Stepmother. She was a life long smoker and is in a Hospice Home at 64 years old.

Diagnosed with Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer 2016. She went through the breast cancer surgery to remove her breast then immediately started Chemo followed by Radiation for the Lung Cancer. She has been fighting for two years - never once having a day of feeling great or normal from the Chemo/Radiation or Immunotherapy. After the last and final round of Chemo her scan showed that the cancer was gone. That only lasted for a couple months. It was back. The lung cancer spread to her Liver. After taking every Chemo available. her doctor put her on immunotherapy. Which did give her a longer life - a longer life of feeling like crap. The immunotherapy kept the cancer from spreading for a few months. In her last scan there was a new area of cancer in her stomach.

He insurance denied her any more immunotherapy treatments or Chemo. .   She was placed in a Hospice Home 05.27.18 and has been well cared for there now for 4 Weeks. Failing more and more each day.

It is a huge decision to fight and feel like crap or enjoy the rest of he time you have as you are. But the outlook is bleak. I would use your time wisely.

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Oh, Tiffany, 

I'm so sorry for everything your Stepmom has been through.  It's so unfair that some people have such a hard time of it.  

I hope that she is being made comfortable now that she is in Hospice.  

I lost my mom to metastatic breast cancer 30 years ago, and I wish there had been Hospice for her at the end--she lingered for a very long time (months) on a ventilator.  

Sending you a hug,


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Thank you Teri. It is a slow and painful death. I never knew there was such thing as a hospice home. They do a far better job moving her and keeping her pain under control than any of us could do. She is such a fighter, never once has she complained about her pain or sickness. She hasn't eaten in 5 weeks.

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Hi Tiffany, 

I'm sorry to hear that your stepmother has had such a hard time of it. My mom, who had metastatic breast cancer, was also in a  hospice home at the end. She had opted to discontinue chemo when the side effects became intolerable to her. The hospice kept her comfortable and allowed her to die with peace and  dignity. I wish your stepmom--and you--peace.

Bridget O

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Your’s is a sad but too often report of the common course of our horrific lung cancer disease. I wish I had a magic want to wish away your step mom’s cancer and your disappointment. 

For those experiencing difficulty eating in hospice, a common problem, try frozen treats like fudge or pop sickles. 

Stay the course. 


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