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I wanted to thank the folks that have replied to my initial introduction.  I will respond to each of you.

It's nice to know that you're not out there alone, trying to muddle through something.  And for each of you to give me so much information was amazing.  I truly am grateful for the resources and the avenues in life that allow me to come across such fantastic people.

I've had two of my initial 10 radiation treatments; going every day for two weeks.  My lung cancer had met to my brain and formed a few very small lesions so i'm hopeful that the radiation can take care of those (and stop my debilitating headaches) and then we can get to work on the lung cancer.  I'm ready to fight to live if folks are ready to tell me what I need to make that happen.  I did ask a weird question today and the rad girl said others have as well.   When the blue light shines across my face initially I swear I smell a small, faint, burning smell.   LOL....scared me at first, I thought maybe the mousse in my hair had caught fire, but she said folks who are brain scanned have said the same thing before.  Has anyone else smelled that?

Thanks again!


Robin (ropo71)


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I recall the blue light during my brain scan but no smell.  I did have very bad nausea after the contrast media was injected. I've only had two brain scans and while I got sick after media injection, I didn't experience a burning smell!

If the brain mets are as small as you describe, they might not be the cause of your debilitating headaches.  Well on second thought, they could be located in a place that triggers headaches.  I don't know much about brain mets.  If you are having precision radiation to the mets, there is a very high probability they will be fried!  

Being ready to fight is the attitude needed to win.  Did you listen to Dr. Stephen J. Gould's essay "The Medium Isn't the Message"?  Give it a listen here.  In particular, note what he says about attitude and developing a sanguine attitude toward your treatment and outcome. So, strap on your battle rattle and proceed purposely to kill every cancer cell in your body.  

Stay the course.


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