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Dad diagnosed Stage 4 lung cancer

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44 minutes ago, Steff said:

Be careful, it is not uncommon for Keytruda to cause pneumonitis.  It was suspected that my mom had it, she was taken off of Keytruda for 2 sessions and received high dose steroids.  She did not end up having pneumonitis, but we learned that it can be very serious and fatal if not taken care of.  It can also cause permanent damage.  Perhaps his docs want to look into that possibility as well.

Yes, on Thursday 9/13 the onc looked at his chest xray from 9/12 and they could see the inflammation and he said he has about 4 good reasons he could have lung inflammation but they didn't know which one was his issue.  He proceeded with the Keytruda infusion that afternoon.  His cancer is responding very well to it.  My guess is if he gets out of this hole the next infusions will be done with caution.  He is in bad shape.  Whatever caused the inflammation was rather acute.  It came on over a few days.  Praying the steroids work.  This would be crazy to lose him to lung inflammation and not really the cancer but probably a side effects of the treatment :(.

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