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New life chapter: Reality Check~I have lung cancer


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Hi from Texas, 

Newly diagnosed with no idea what to expect. Recently had a lung biopsy and read the pathology report online. I guess I feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment. The follow up doctor visit isn’t for a few weeks, so I’m trying to research and understand what is in my future. Any positive support is greatly appreciated. 🦋

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Welcome Juliett,

If you are just a bit overwhelmed, then you are doing far better than I did. I was frantic!

This Lung Cancer Support Community exists only for two reasons. To help you understand what is happening in terms of tests and treatment and to support you as you navigate this perplexing disease. 

Settle in. Read about us and let us know the type and stage (if known) of lung cancer you have if you feel comfortable sharing that with us. At diagnosis, I was Stage IIIB, non-small cell, Squamous cell, Lung Cancer. 

I’m a Texan myself and live in Rockwall, east of Dallas. 

Stay the course. 


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Hi, Juliett, and welcome.  Yeah, it's always a shock to get that kind of news.  We have a lot of long-term survivors here (including Tom), which I found very reassuring when I was newly diagnosed.  

I think I might call the doctor's office and see if you can get a follow-up a bit sooner.  There will most likely be a PET/CT scan ordered to look for any potential spread before deciding on a first line of treatment.  I'd want to get that in the works sooner rather than later.  Tell them that you've seen your pathology results and want to discuss your options as soon as possible.  

The testing and waiting for results is, unfortunately, part of the territory with this thing.  Most of us feel better when that part is done and we have a treatment plan in place.  

Hang in there and keep us posted as you learn more!

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This is a tough time. Going through so many tests....waiting for results was tough. I have a local oncologist, but I also have treatment through M D Anderson in Houston. I did all my initial testing locally, surgery at M D Anderson, chemotherapy locally. In about 4 weeks, I start radiation. I have chosen to go locally. Having friends and family for prayers, love and support has been wonderful. Reaching out is good. Sending hugs and prayers.

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Juliett, if positive support is what you need, then you've come to the right place.

That is one of my favorite things about this site, no matter how tough things can get, there is always positive support here.  Although it's been a few years since my mom's initial diagnosis, I clearly remember that the waiting for all of the initial test results to come back was the worst.  It was for her too. But everyone here has gotten thru it and you will too! 

Take care,


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Hi Juliett, Welcome to LCSC, Your post takes me back to Oct 2008,when I received my LC dx.As Tom remarked I was overwhelmed by that dx,took me quite a while to come to terms with it.I am taken aback by your comment it will take a few weeks before your next meeting with your Doc?.I live in Scotland,perhaps we do things differently here? since my visit to the Doc to receive my dx was immediately followed up with an introduction to my newly appointed oncologist.All my tests which included a CT scan,Brontoscopy and PET started two days later.My treatments decided by my multi-disciplinary medical team,included neo-adjuvant chemo,this was designed to shrink the tumour in the airway leading to my upper right lung,which if successful would allow me to have surgery to remove the tumour.Well the chemo did its job and I had a upper right lobectomy in January 2009.The surgery was a complete success and I have no further treatments since other than my 5 years of six monthly check ups.At my last check my Doc reported back to me that my test results were clear,no evidence of cancer in my body,adding he had every confidence to tell me I was cured,now go away,I dont expect to see you again.We shook hands and parted as friends.I wish you every success in the road you will travel as your tests are progressed and any following treatments are undertaken.I have to say my fertile imagination ran amock as my treatment plan was described to me by my oncologist,so many things entered my head,will the chemo make me ill? will the surgery be unbearably painful and leave me a breathless invalid?will my cancer return?.These and other anxieties were also in my head,now since long forgotten.I really sailed through all my treatments with little discomfort,my only discomfort was a bout of diarrhoea during my cycles of chemo,which I could have avoided if I had remembered the advice given to me to drink plenty of fluids during the chemo.

Best Wishes,looking forward to your next post.

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Hi Juliett,

Welcome here. You already have some great info and suggestions from some forum members, so I don't have much to add right now. Please  let us know any questions you may have. This is a great place to find information, hope and support. 

Bridget O

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