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Treatment update

Robert Macaulay

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I got my CT scan last week and was getting concerned nobody called with the results. Got call and the Oncoligist wondered why I never showed for my appointment today in Victoria.She said no problem and there is some things I would like to talk with you about. Your treatment has  gone real well and your tumour has decreased in size as well as your lymph nodes .She asked my how I was keeping and general health which is good except for little fatigue now again. She then took me by surprise and asked me would consider taking a clinical trial with treatment every two weeks for a year at a private clinic which is strange situation in Canada..I replied go right ahead  and setup everything so the nurse will be in touch and the process starts all over again blood work appointments and travel bring it on I have lots time. So I  know what in store for me the next twelve months.  lol. Once I get the details of the trial I will let you know.

Very Happy  Bob

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6 minutes ago, LexieCat said:

Great!  Can't wait to hear the details.  

Does she still want you to come in for an exam, or just wait till you start the trial?

Yes she wants to see me in person and she has started the process.

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This week I got a call from the Pharmacy in the clinic I attended for treatment saying my oncologist had contacted them and they are putting in a funding request for my future treatment and asked my consent. Later in the week got call from now know it was private health clinic asking whole bunch questions to see If I was suitable for funding and my treatment history for cancer so fa this year. This took about fifteen minutes and she then said I was approved for treatment and all was being paid for and she would contact my doctor and inform her. She then set me up in clinic which is only twenty minutes from my home for the infusions which will be every two weeks for one year, She even went into details how they deliver the drugs for my treatment.

I travel down to see the doctor this coming Thursday and have all the blood work scheduled for Tuesday and she wants the results for my appointment so it looks like I will be starting treatment again for full year with Avelumab infusions Bi weekly. The journey continues.



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