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Cortisol Levels and Cancer

Robert Macaulay

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I was scheduled last week for blood work prior to my doctors appointment and the nurse mentioned to have the test done early morning I said ok. Went in this morning at 9-15 for the blood test and prior to the test she said what time did you awaken this morning I just said six am and she replied there is one test we cannot perform as it has to be done within three hours of rising in the morning I the replied it was 6-45am was  the exact time I woke so she said no problem we can do all the tests. So  I wondered what the test was and it was  for Cortisol levels. And tumours effect those levels.

Found intresting article on this subject which I believe the doctors can use during your treatment using blood samples.



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Just read the link you've provided and thought it was very interesting... and I suspect quite credible! I've never been tested for Cortisol level but have mentioned to my PCP my concern over it due to inflammation (they say it's "just arthritis") and stress level... hmmm... thanks for sharing!

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