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Hi!  Our oncologist has referred us to MD Anderson.  My husband is Stage IV.  He has gone through a Chemo combo and radiation, then was placed on Immunotherapy that is not working.  Can anyone share with me their experience with MD Anderson?  What do they do when you arrive?  They have requested we be there a few days, but don't have any more info on what tests or treatments they perform for new patients.  

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Hi, SCheryl,

I'm sorry, but I'm not familiar with the practices in Houston--I think there are a couple folks here who have been there (Susan and Tom, I think, though I could be mistaken).  I just wanted to say I was VERY happy with my treatment at the local MD Anderson-affiliated cancer center here, and the one in Houston is rated number one in the country.  I'm sure he will be in good hands.  

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Welcome here.

I don't have first hand experience with MD Anderson but know about a dozen Texas cancer survivors who do.  Here is what I've gleaned of their experience.

Expect several weeks of delay in securing your initial appointment.  One I knew waited more than a month to get admitted.  Most wait a couple of weeks.

On arrival, expect a full battery of tests, many that may be repeat tests your husband's already had.  MD Anderson is a team of closely collaborating doctors and treatment teams prefer Anderson radiology methods, practices and interpretations. 

Plan for a longer stay then forecasted.  Those I know were given 3 day projections for their initial stay.  More than half stayed as long as 5 days. 

MD Anderson has a very good reputation and it is earned so I'd expect practice excellence. But, it is a very large hospital with lots of moving parts so sometimes, the ball gets dropped.  My best suggestion is to be with your husband as he goes through the screening diagnostics and take notes during doctor consultations.  Note the name of each doctor, nurse and technician that interacts with your husband and record what they tell you.  That will help you quickly circle back if the staff fails to deliver as they said they would.  Here is information on affordable lodging for family.

Stay the course.



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I did all my initial testing locally. M D Anderson, Houston, accepted those tests but wanted additional tests before surgery. The hotels and staff in the area are amazing, upbeat, supportive. They have shuttles to get you to M D Anderson. M D Anderson and staff there are kind, supportive. I have been there for a lot of consequetive tests. It made for exhausting days. My friend went with me as my husband was recovering from a heart attack. There will be an online portal with all your appointment information and things to fill out early, if you choose. It can take a while to get an appointment. My sister was tired of waiting and contacted an M D Anderson Patient Advocate. She found out that my files were lost...several times. The Patient Advocate got me in for an appointment.  The people at M D Anderson are so kind and knowledgeable. They took all the time I needed to answer all my questions.  Bless you.

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I found that a connection with a M D Anderson Patient Advocate can check on the progress of your case and help move it along. After meeting with my surgeon, I would call his staff with any questions. They had a list of staff and who to call for certain types of questions. They were really responsive.

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