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Father was diagnosed to be NSCLC in October 10th,2017.

Jacky Song

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We finally cut it from Oct 12-17th, then we find it was in the very early time. We are now everything fine now. 

I took care of my father during  that week in the hospital.  Find something important tips:

1)What ever your body status is good or not, if your age exceeds to 45, you should have a body check at least once a year.

2) Don't fear the cancer itself, most of the earlier cancers can be cured properly.

3) Lead a life with less pressure and live happily. 


Thanks all.

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Hi Jacky,

I'm glad to hear your father's cancer was found at an early stage and that he's fine now.  He's fortunate to have you to help him. Best wishes to both of you.

Bridget O

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