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Chemo and radiation complete, on to Imfinzi!


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Hi All!

Happy to report that I have finished my standard chemo and radiation treatments and will likely be starting on Imfinzi (Durvamulab) probably in September.  Surgery was discussed prior to radiation but we decided it was best for me to continue with the standard therapy instead.

I finished radiation last Wednesday. I haven't had a progress scan yet. Hoping to get at least a CT scan as they said no PET for 3 months after radiation! My radiation doc did tell me that from what she could see it looked like the tumor had shrunk to half the size it was when we started, and that it will likely continue to shrink for a few weeks. Good! Considering how big it originally was, (5.6 cm on first scan, 4.3 after 3 chemo rounds) I'm totally happy with that! Hurray for shrinkage!

OMG.... I'm celebrating shrinkage. 😂 Cancer is so dang weird.

 We won't know about the lymphnode I guess until a PET, but it was already very low on SUV (2.9) so I'm hoping all that radiation just totally fried that little sucker. LOL

The plan is to start the Imfinzi next! Exciting and scary! It's so new. It seems like from what I've read it may be similar to Keytruda. 

I don't see any other recent threads in the Immunotherapy section about this stuff so it looks like right now... in this community, it's me and Bob on this one so far!

We'll see how it goes.







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Great news Kleo!

Now I've got to dissociate you and Buzz Lightyear...Teri has a wicked sense of humor.

Seriously, I marvel at all the new therapies turning up.  Someone kicked the immunotherapy research into high gear and these drugs now attack squamous and small cell.  And, these therapies are much needed by those struggling with lung cancer.  I just wish they took some time to create names that could be pronounced and spelled!  I hope exciting and scary turns into NED and no problem quickly.

Stay the course.


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I'm with you Tom. Why not names easy to pronounce and spell? Is there a competition between them to see who can come up with the most weird and difficult name for the drug? Do they believe difficulty somehow correlates to how much they'll charge and does it? The why of this is just another of life's mysteries it seems. 

Judy M

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Our Lexie strikes again and has solved the mystery. Congratulations. But I still wish they could make them easier to spell and say. And now that I've read how they sometimes put two words together to form the name I'll be looking at the crazy names trying to figure out what they might have been. Infinzi makes me think 'infinite frenzy'. LOL. There's another fun game to play. What do the names of chemo drugs make you think of? 

Judy M

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