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Guess this qualifies as Good News!


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Each day is a little better than the day before. Mike's detoxing from going on natural supplements gets easier very slowly.

This morning first thing when he got up and went to the bathroom, he came back short of breath and went to grab for his inhaler. I said "wait honey"...and started to rub his back where the holistic doctor showed me pressure would 'open up his lungs'. Then I gave him the supplement she said would help his asthma AND his gall bladder.

Well - it worked, he started breathing normal...and didn't need his inhaler! I was just amazed. Even though I trust this holistic doctor, I'm still amazed at how she KNOWS what she is talking about.

It's kinda like the faith I have in God....I expect Him to do certain things...but I'm STILL always AMAZED at His power, His love and His intervention!

Anytime I can give him something that is "natural" to his body instead of another chemical or "drug" - I feel like God is saying..."See?" It's another affirmation.

Mike said his side pain was much better today and only his neck hurt him a little. He did say to me though, I just feel sick. I explained to him his body is going through a detox...similar to that of a drug addict. He seemed to relax a little at that.

I am weaning him very slowly off of the other drugs for pain, energy and inflammation. Our GP told me last November that he had a lot of medications in him that "crossed the brain barrier". I got the impression our GP didn't like how "heavily" medicated Mike was.

The holistic doctor told me that everything Mike was on was technically a stimulant or had the side effect of "stimulating". Which could explain the tremendous "energy" he has displayed. However, only when we rest and sleep do our cells regenerate! Mike has been so sleep deprived. For the past week, as his body has been getting the supplements, he has slept and slept and slept. But he keeps looking "better and better" as each day goes by!

His skin has been extremely dry, flaky and rough. From the top of his bald head to the soles of his feet...it's been terrible. No amount of lotions or oils have helped.

Today I noticed as I rubbed his back, his skin is soft, supple, moist. I started checking him out. His legs, stomach and even his FEET are totally moisturized! There is no dry flaky skin and the skin is soft like a baby! And he hasn't even taken a shower since Monday! (I think I'm going to give him a bed bath today! LOL) What I can't figure out is where did the old dead skin go? It was there on Tuesday! And his skin was rough like an old shoe.

Something VERY good is happening. Please keep praying that Mike will be restored "internally" and that if it is God's will...his own body will surpress the cancer. Even so - whatever the outcome, I am confident Mike will feel better than he has in months once this "transistion" or "detox" is over!

Love and hugs,

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Shannon I am very happy that this is showing some good healthy signs. Chemo is one scary mofo so to have someone come back to life so to speak is just such a great feeling.

Like my dad on Sunday (although it is still chemo) they switched him. and at Easter he was very good. normally after chemo it is a touch and go basis...so Easter dinner was on hold for my immediate family to see how he was going to do. To my surprise he looked awesome. Today is not too cool for him but i can attest to the fact i just want him to be able to have some and i do not want to use this word but normalcy back, like oh the chemo is drying his skin out...the chemo is causing the leg pains....he is tired due to all the meds he is on. The fact that Mike skin is hydrated is awesome...not cause of the cancer!!! I am very happy for you guys!!!!

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It is so good to hear that Mike is seeing positive results from his "alternative" treatment. I've often thought that there must be some natural ways we can heal our bodies.

I'd be very interested in hearing what supplements and alternative therapy he is trying. I've got my husband taking so many vitamins and herbal powders that I'm surprised he has room in his stomach to eat anything. Heck, it can't hurt right?

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Mike


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Carleen -

If your Honey is still going thru chemo (I think he is) be sure his doctor knows what supplements and vitamins you're giving him.

Most doctors will make you feel like these are a waste of time - that's not my point here. My point is that SOME supplements and vitamins are KNOWN to make your body absorb less chemo. Or reduce your clotting ability - when the chemo is going to do that too, and he could end up in bad shape. And other things. Damn - somewhere I saw a list (I don't think it was here - stating which things to avoid....can anyone help me here?)

I'm not saying don't give 'em to him - just clear it with his doc.

And Shannon and Mike - you know my prayers and thoughts are with you guys. Mike is definitely lucky to have you in his corner Shannon!



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