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Alecensa response

Christina King

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Hi, Christina, and welcome!

I don't have any experience with drug treatment to share--I was lucky enough to be Stage Ib and have only had surgery.  Glad to hear the Alecensa is working out so well for you!

Just wanted to welcome you--glad you found us.  We have a lot of members here who will have more relevant experience to share--we have a great group of folks here.


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Hi Christina!


We actually have one new member who recently posted that he'd been on the Alesensa for 3 weeks.  He's reporting a very good response! Hopefully he'll check in and and be able to tell you more.   You can read his initial post in Introductions.

Sounds like you've been doing quite well with it too. No funky or weird side effects for you? Wow! and Yay! 

Keep us posted!

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Hi Christina,

It's great to hear that treatment is going well for you, but most importantly that you are feeling great! That's always wonderful to hear.  LUNGevity has a sub-forum here related specifically to ALK mutation.  You can find it at http://forums.lungevity.org/forum/53-alk/. It's not the most active forum, but there may be some helpful information in some of the older posts.

Take Care,


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Hi Christina. I am new here too. ALK+. Alecensa is working for me Thank the Lord. I get fatigue. That is about it. I started it August 3rd. I am feeling better. My appetite and weight lost have returned. I hope it works for you too.

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