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Don't know about Tagrisso and haven't taken it. But our leader Tom Galli has often said that when he was battling that side effect plain white rice worked well. I'm sure he'll jump on here soon and give you specifics. Hang in there. 

Judy M. 

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I'm the guy that Judy refers to but not the leader, just a cancer survivor who's been through a lot of treatment.  In my last series of infusions (Taxol and Carboplatin) my oncologist added the then new drug Tarceva (a Targeted Therapy) in hope of arresting my progression.  In 2005 when Tarceva was approved by the FDA, it worked remarkably for a small population of non small cell lung cancer patients.  Doctors did not realize that the population only included a small percent of survivors with EGFR positive adenocarcinoma.  Later it was learned it absolutely no effect on Squamous cell lung cancer and I had Squamous cell.

It did however cause two very troubling side effects: acne (very severe acne) and diarrhea (that laughed at Imodium). I learned from another survivor taking Tarceva  who had a bowl of plain white steamed rice for breakfast and that controlled the diarrhea.  I'd did't eat much rice in those days but soon became an expert making it for breakfast.  It worked but if I skipped a day, I'd pay for it.  I also took Imodium so I should say both the rice and Imodium worked.  My Tarceva respected the rice!  Both Tagrisso and Tarceva work in the same way so it ought to respect the rice.

Stay the course.


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