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Low dose CT early detection

Joy Marie

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Hi everyone.  I'm interested to know if there are any statistics out on the low dose CT screening for 55+ former smokers. My mom, 70, had one and a suspicious nodule was found.  Her surgery is one week away.  I've never read so much about anything in my life with no concrete conclusions.  Mom's nodule is 1.4 cm so I'm hoping it's early stage.  But bottom line does anyone know if the early detection CT are, in fact, saving lives.   Thanks,   Joy

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It sure did, for me.  I had no clue such a thing even existed, when my primary doc suggested it due to my smoking history.  I had a couple of scans where they watched the nodules with no changes, and the last one showed growth and suspicious appearance.

One of the primary reasons lung cancer is so lethal is that it is rarely detected until it has grown/spread enough to cause symptoms.  At that point it's usually impossible to cure (though treatments that greatly extend survival are being developed every day).

If you haven't seen this, I'd suggest taking a look: http://www.lung.org/our-initiatives/saved-by-the-scan/.  I have one of the stories on the site.

Certainly not everyone whose cancer is detected by scan will be cured.  Because it's such a tricky and persistent disease, some will die of it.  But your chances are sure a lot better when it's at a stage where there's a chance of a cure by surgery, radiation, chemo, or some combination.  I'm a HUGE fan of the scan!

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