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cancer, not cancer, cancer


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Jan 2018: bad bad 3-4 wk cold, turned into dry cough

Feb: was told probably pneumonia, 2 different antibiotics, x-ray showed large fuzziness in upper lobe left lung

March: felt better and went for follow-up x-ray at end of month, #!%& fuzziness identical to previous x-ray 

early April: CAT scan, PET scan strongly suggest cancer, but I have an autoimmune disorder which could look like cancer on both kinds of scan

mid April: mediastinal lymph nodes biopsied, NOT CANCEROUS, 

late April: fun in the pacific nw

early May: Lung biopsy to be sure, YES cancer, adeno carcinoma (s...t)

late May: lobectomy for upper lobe left lung containing 6 cm tumor, 2 lymph nodes positive for cancer

early June: brain MRI shows three lesions, one near brain stem

late June: radiation, start chemo

So far 4 rounds of chemo with carboplatin, alimpta, keytruda.  PET scan just before #4 chemo showed "near" resolution.  Another brain MRI in a few days.

I'm 64 yrs, (soon to be 65) and smoked for a few years as a teenager, and quit when I was 18.  Worked as a bench scientist, parents were heavy smokers.  I have a BRCA1 mutation and so would not have been surprised to get breast cancer.

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Ouch: a diagnostic journey becomes an enduring treatment trip!

I do hope the forthcoming MRI shows "near" or better resolution for the brain mets.  I assume your chemo treatment is 6 to 8 infusions and the recent PET was the mid-treatment scan. Any PET results from brain mets (assuming you had a full body PET).

Welcome here. 

Stay the course.


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Hi Mehrensh! Welcome!

Wow what a rollercoaster of a ride you've been on! I totally expected to get breast cancer too as my mom had it- double mastectomy. But nope...mine chose to show up in the lung also. 

Sounds as though you have responded well to treatments so far though! They aren't fun I know. Ugghh.   Fingers crossed for you on your upcoming MRI. 

Keep us posted!



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Hi there, and welcome.

All the tests and waiting around for results is definitely one of the more aggravating aspects to this whole deal.  Glad to hear you've been having a good response to your treatments--looking forward to the next good report!  Do keep us posted.

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Hi Marilyn,

I'm glad to hear that your lung cancer treatment is having a positive effect on the cancer! It's nice when something positive happens after the roller coaster of a year you've had! FYI, my mom received the same treatment for a recurrence of NSCLC adenocarcinoma.  She originally had a right, upper lobectomy in 2016 and went through standard follow-up radiation and chemo.  A year after treatment ended, a recurrence was found very near the original area that was radiated. Her original treatment plan was 8 sessions of Keytruda + Alimta + Carbo.  After 3 or 4 sessions, the lung cancer mass had shrunken enough to have the stent in her esophagus removed (that's where her cancer is now).  She only completed 6 sessions of the triplet and then proceeded to Keytruda only.  It's been a year, things are going well and we are so thankful to have the option for immunotherapy.

If you are interested in reading more about my mom's treatment journey and side effects she's had from the treatment, you can find it here: 

Take care,


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Brain MRI showed shrinkage of all three brain mets (yeah!) AND did not detect any new mets (big yeah!!).  Another MRI in 3 months, but am happy to say no new brain  "nuking" for now.  My husband and I are hoping to get out of town early next week if we don't get blown away by H Florence.  Its still hot and humid here and we're aiming to go north and spend some time outdoors.

Thanks again everyone for being here.


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