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efficacy linear accelerator radiation


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I had radiation treatments (linear accelerator, stereotactic radiosurgery) for 3 brain mets in mid June.  Two lesions (1.1 cm, 0.6 cm) were treated once each with high does of radiation and one lesion (0.9 cm, very near brain stem, ulp!) was treated with 5 fractionated doses).  Follow-up MRI tomorrow.

Does anyone here have experience with or knowledge of the efficacy of this kind of treatment or experience with multiple treatments of this sort?  I would appreciate hearing about any and all related experiences.

Thank you,


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I have not had SBRT for brain Mets, but did have it for 3 separate lung tumors at one time. All were treated at the same time on the same day consecutively. Later had SBRT on my left adrenal. All worked very well and I had no side effects but perhaps a bit of tiredness. Have also not had any later problems after more than a year. Oh, I almost forgot. I did have a mild case of pneumonitis right after the SBRT on my lungs. It was easily cleared up with Prednisone for 7 days. I'm a big fan of this type of radiation. 

Judy M. 



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