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REVLON to ignore LC Again

Guest Estrea

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From ALCASE...I think we should adapt their letter for us to be the beneficiary:

Last September at our first meeting in Indianapolis, we discussed many aspects of our work and its relation to people with lung cancer. I would like to draw your attention to the following opportunity and invite your comments and participation.

This May, Revlon will hold its annual Run/Walk for Women in Los

Angeles and New York. Revlon and the Entertainment Industry

Foundation (EIF) co-produce this event. Despite the Walk/Run's

ongoing goal to be "united in the fight against women's cancers", Revlon and EIF continue to ignore lung cancer as a critical health concern for women. EIF has no national initiatives focused on lung cancer, nor are there celebrities who have "adopted" lung cancer as a cause and involved EIF. Although about 28,000 more women will die of lung cancer than of breast cancer this year, none of the funds raised at the Run/Walk will benefit any organizations that support lung

cancer research or that offer women with the disease information and services.

The Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy, Support, and Education

(ALCASE) urges your support to (once again) ask Revlon and its

co-sponsor Entertainment Industry Foundation to include as

beneficiaries organizations whose work (research or patient services) helps women who already have lung cancer and/or those who may be at risk for the disease. We also want Revlon and EIF to join with us to challenge the stigma of lung cancer and to distribute information about lung cancer with their event materials. In previous years,

ALCASE has recruited members for the only lung cancer awareness team at the New York Walk/Run and we have had an informational booth in Central Park for the event's health fair. We think it's time for Revlon and EIF to do more.

ALCASE intends to send the attached letters to Revlon, EIF, and

several media outlets. We would like to have your support in this effort and to include your organization's name as a signatory on the letter. Please let us know your wishes as soon as possible. We will list signatories in alphabetical order.

We know that the more organizations that participate in this appeal, the greater the impact it will have on Revlon and EIF. Thank you for your time. We look forward to receiving your support for this



Cindy Langhorne, Director of Operations

Alliance for Lung Cancer Advoccacy, Support, and Education (ALCASE) 500 W. 8th Street, Suite 240

Vancouver, WA 98660


360-735-1305 - Fax

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Let me know what you need and I will do what I can for this cause. I have a friend with breast cancer and it met to her lung. She is in the fight for her life right now. The meds and chemo just won't go through the barrier of the lung to be effective. If Revlon won't support LC and even how it mts to breast cancer patients, then my suggestion is to BOYCOTT Revlon products. The research will also help breast cancer patients also. Breast cancer mets too. Duh!!! Sorry this really irritates me, the ignorance of people...

Thanks and you are in my prayers,



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