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Sore throat from radiation


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I saw my Primary doctor for annual physical today. He mentioned that if my throat is still sore three months after radiation, he would refer me to an ENT doctor to do a scope to see amount of damage. I have lung cancer, have had surgery...told they believe all cancer gone. Then, I did 4 chemotherapy infusions. I am now halfway through 28 radiation treatments. I didn't know they would include my throat with radiation. For those who have suffered from radiation burn inside throat, how long before your throat healed? Did it heal?

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Laurel, I experienced the same thing. My oncologist referred me to anGastroenterologist.  I’ve had  two endoscopy stretchings because of scar tissue It helped a lot. I still have a small area that is still healing from the damage  

Take Care


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I looked up the procedure and it looks doable. I am really hoping it heals on its own, but you gave me some direction if it doesn't.  Thank you. 


I hope I follow your lead. I am doing various things for the pain when swallowing. Surprisingly, Hall's lemon drops still top the list. My Radiologist offerred me a higher level of tylenol and codeine. I said no. You are always such a big help. Thank you.

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