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CT scan w barium tomorrow


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I was just informed that I'll have to drink the barium stuff for contrast tomorrow morning prior to my scan. 😫 I know someone here has probably had to drink this stuff before. How much do they have ya drink? I've heard it's "chalky"....Ewwwww! So far I've only had to do the IV contrast so I haven't had the pleasure of drinking this stuff yet.

 How the heck am I gonna get this stuff down!? LOL  Any helpful hints? 😀 

Hold my nose?


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7 minutes ago, Robert Macaulay said:

When I had it years ago I just imagined it was a pint of Guinness and it went down so easy.


Haahaaa Bob I'd have to hold my nose to drink a guinness too! and close my eyes. It's....BROWN. 🤣

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I’ve found the amount varies. I’ve had a little as a 1/2 pint and as much as a full pint. 

My latest contrast wasn’t chalky at all. It was a thin liquid that tasted like weekly concentrated lemonade. 

My last contrast CT, I was told to drink 1/2 immediately then wait to shortly before the test to drink the rest. 

Stay the course. 


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I've had this a few times. It was about 2 punts. First pint in the first hour then second pint in second hour. I'm guessing a pint since it came in tall plastic containers. They had various flavors. Receptions told me vanilla was the least nasty, so I've stuck with that. The colder I could get it the easier it was for me to get down

Judy M. 

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