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I am in contact with many newly diagnosed lung cancer patients. The first question most commonly asked is can Cancer be cured. The second is will alternate medicine work as a substitute to surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. 

This journal article bolsters my answer with data: https://academic.oup.com/jnci/article/110/1/121/4064136

If you are diagnosed with lung cancer, you have but 3 choices: do nothing; purchase alternative medicine treatment; and purchase conventional medicine treatment. Make logical choices.

Stay the course. 


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I was waiting to get my flu/pneumonia shots at the drugstore the other day and got into a conversation with another woman around my age who was visiting the area to be with her friend who has ovarian cancer.  She told me her sister, who works for a pharmaceutical company, told her that a cure for cancer has been discovered but that the pharma companies are keeping it secret because they make too much money with the drugs they have now.  She says the discoverer of this cure is living on an island somewhere in the lap of luxury in exchange for keeping quiet.

This woman did not look/sound either insane or uneducated.  I told her I don't believe that for a second, made all my rational arguments why, and she just shook her head and said she'd rather not believe it either.  Yet, I had a feeling, after we talked, that she still did.  You can find people willing to believe anything,

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It is very true that there is a GREAT DEAL of money that is being made off the

suffering of others. With that in mind, if I would find incontrovertible proof that

a cure for cancer had indeed been found,I - unhappily - would not be at all surprised that it had been hidden. - especially given this country’s obsession with money, particularly in the last, almost 40 years! There is also the added reality of overpopulation...being unable to feed the people we already do have. I do doubt, with those 2 factors especially in mind, that there will EVER be a cure for cancer...not because the knowledge isn’t there but because there will always be too many hungry people and never enough moneyMfor some people or companies.

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