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Spot on Left lung


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My husband has a spot on his left lung that is fluffy. We found out in Aug. of this year but we were in Germany for a month. So now we are getting testing and stuff done. Stress test next week and the following week will be the PET scan. Biopsy and Surgery scheduled in early November. Nervous, worried, scared but hoping for the best. We have a friend who is Stage 4 lung cancer and hers is near her spine so she is having some back pain with hers. His is on the other side. No where close to the spine but he is a Vietnam Veteran and has back pain anyway from hitting a couple of mines. Thanks for listing

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Hi MoBird and welcome,

I wonder if the fluffy spot is what is called "ground glass", a kind of noduleĀ  that looks hazy and not solid. Do you know how big the spot is? In any event, he's heading the right direction with testing. Being scared about this is normal. I'm glad you're hoping for the best. Keep us up to date and let us know how we can support you. This site is a good place to get information, support and hope.

Bridget O

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