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Hi , my name is Mary and I am 68 yrs young. I was diagnosed with NSCLC ado carcinoma in sitiu  in 2015. I had a lobectomy done Right lung. No chemo or radiation was done at the time. When I went for my 6 month check up another nodule had appeared , it was malignant. I had a course of chemo and radiation, and it was in remission for a year. Now I have malignant plural effusion, and the outlook is very grim. Has anyone else ever faced this.


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Unfortunately yes. I had 4 recurrences after “successful” no evidence of disease (NED) treatment. My outlook was also grim. But I’m still here and come February I’ll have survived 15 years after diagnosis. 

So there is always hope especially with targeted therapy and immunotherapy advances against adenocarcinoma. 

Stay the course. 


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Hi, thank you for your responses. I am now doing chemo and Keytruda....when chemo is done I will just be on Keytruda....I have read and heard a lot about this drug buying people more time....I hope it buys me some...I have a lot on my bucket list to give up now

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Hi Mary,

I'm glad to hear that you are a candidate for immunotherapy - my mom was on Keytruda and her cancer has been stable/no evidence of disease for over 6 months.  My mom has had a similar journey - originally diagnoses NSCLC adenocarcinoma in November 2015.  Had a lobectomy and follow up chemo and radiation.  A year after treatment ended, more cancer was found.  She began Keytruda + alimta/carbo for 6 sessions (she was originally going to do 8, but everything was looking really good at 6), then continued with Keytruda only for about 1 year.  She has recently stopped due to side effects.  

Feel free to check out my mom's journey:   here. 

Take Care,


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