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My mom has stage 4 lung cancer diagnosed 1 year later.


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Hi guys. Im gonna share my moms story. 1 year ago she had a back pain. After dealing with many sedatives, a doctor visit suggested a scan. The scan found only lessions on her pelvis and biopsy was required. After biopsy the doctors foind the cancer type which was adenocarcinoma but could not find the main focus of the metastases and she started treatement with chemo (taxol + carboplatin). After 6 rounds of chemo the blood test showed markers reduction but when she did a scan they found a mass 5cm x 6 cm in her right lung. The doctor said this is the main focus and shes waiting for biopsy now. I suppose it is NSCLC. I dont know if it was because of chemo, but the mass found was not there before. Unfortunately in Albania does not exist Keytruda. Currently i live in Usa. Is there any other way to get this medicine? Im really desperate cause i know there is no hope for her there.

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I am very sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis.  I can only imagine how hard it must be for you to be so far away. Unfortunately I know nothing about getting drugs in other countries. O do believe that another forum member brought his mom to the US for treatment, but that is all I heard of.  

Take care, 


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From the Little I know about the pharmaceutical business, a transfer to any country from the US would be hard. Albania would be even harder. 

Keytruda is made by Merk. You might want to try contacting Merk to ask if they supply to Albania. 

Stay the course. 


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