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Update on my mom

Joy Marie

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Hi everyone.  Mom just finished her first 3 day round of chemo.  She's doing great with no problems so far.  Her chemo schedule is 3 days a month for 4 months.  Her last infusion is in January.  Today they sent her home with Neulasta to help her bone marrow.  She will be taking Claritin and Tylenol once for the next 3 days for bone pain.  Starting tomorrow she will be taking an antibiotic to stave off any infection. She is eating well and has gained 3 lbs.  She's happy and even though she's tired,  she is feeling strong.   We feel blessed that she decided to get the low dose CT lung scan in July.    Her doctor says it saved her life.     My best to everyone.  Will keep in touch.      Joy

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That’s great, Joy! Thank you for sharing the good news! You and your mom will be in your thoughts. Please continue to keep us posted.

We are here for you,


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