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It has been 13 years


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Hello everyone. I’m not sure if anyone remembers me here. I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma stage 3A in 2005. I had 6 weeks of chemo (taxol/carboplatinim) followed by surgery, the removal of my upper right lung. That was followed by three infusions of the same chemo. Surgery was July 1, 2005, I was back to work at the end of August teaching school. I have since retired. My scans have all been good to date. Today I had a chest X-ray because I am feeing uncomfortable and worried. I’m praying that the X-Ray shows nothing new. 

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Wow, 13 years NED!  I understand being uncomfortable and worried. My lung cancer was recent and found early, but I have had 2 other primary cancers including a Stage 3, 7 years ago. It seems inevitable that discomfort or any other unusual sensations make us concerned.  I wish for you another 13 years of NED and then 13 more after that.

Bridget O

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I hope so, too!  One thing I've noticed is that as I get older, there are a lot of mysterious aches and pains that didn't used to be there.  

Is there a reason you're having a chest x-ray rather than a low-dose CT scan?  That's what I'd opt for if I were concerned about a recurrence...

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It’s because over the years I have had so many scans plusI have a low kidney score. The results of the X-Ray will determine if I need to follow up with a a ct scan. 

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Hi, Carol,

We’re glad that your x-ray was clear! Thank you for keeping us posted! We will always be here for you.

With gratitude,


Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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