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I'm a student working on a project about Lung Cancer


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My name is Alyssa and I am currently a junior in high school where I am taking the course of Anatomy and Physiology. Our teacher assigned my class a year long assignment where each student is given one chronic condition and throughout the year we learn, interact with others, and further education and get involved with our chronic condition and its community. My teacher highly suggested reaching out to doctors, patients, survivors, and anybody affected by lung cancer (my assigned chronic condition) as a way of learning more about lung cancer since first hand experiences are very important and each story is different in its own way. While I have researched Lung Cancer and watched educational videos, I believe that I need to be more involved in the community to better understand this condition. I would greatly appreciate anybody who want to discuss Lung Cancer with me and/or share their stories. I am very grateful for anybody who would like to chat. 

Thank you so much sincerely, 


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Hi there, Alyssa,

If you read around this forum you will find a lot of information and accounts of experiences.  

I'd suggest that you post any questions you have on the forum, and that way anyone who has relevant info they'd like to share can do so.  Raising awareness is always a good thing.

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Hi Alyssa,

I am hoping you have used LUNGevity for one of your go-to websites to get accurate information from.  There are a lot of outdated and incorrect information out there.  LUNGevity is a trusted source.  You have reached out just in time.  November is lung cancer awareness month!  LUNGevity is planning lots of great stuff throughout the month.  I would strongly suggest following LUNGevity Foundation on Facebook - you will likely get lots of great info and even some testimonies about lung cancer.  Stand Up to Cancer also has lots of great testimonies, you have to weed through the different types of cancers, but there are lung cancer stories intertwined.  You have been assigned a very exciting topic - there is lots of stuff happening in the lung cancer world right now.  As Lexie stated, feel free to pose your questions to the entire group and we will provide you with our points of view.    

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Hi, Alyssa.  Since you have been researching lung cancer you know what a devastating disease it is.  But you should know there is a lot of hope for patients with new treatments and even early detection by low dose CT scanning for older people with smoking history.   Many treatable cancers are showing up in there scans and people's lives are being saved through surgery. I can't speak about all the new treatments popping up, some as recently as in the past five years, but I know you will read about these in this group.  One thing is very real,  lung cancer is no longer the death sentence it used to be.  People are surviving decades and more.   I wish you well with your assignment.       Joy

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