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My mom has Stage IV NSCLC. A few days away from her 4 year Cancerversary!

I was 22, almost 23 when my mom was diagnosed. I will be 27 next month. I have no father in the picture, no siblings, close family, etc. Just my mom and I! As far as I know I'm probably the youngest (or one of the youngest) caregivers here. I had to "put my life on hold" when my mom went on hospice in 2016 - I had to quit my job, quit school, and move back home. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat! BUT, at my age, it has been extremely difficult for me and at times hard for me to relate to a lot of other caregivers - I don't have a spouse/significant other or children, I don't have an "established" career and am not financially secure. I currently work 2 jobs and at times have 14 hour days. This should not be the life of a 26 year old but it was the hand I was dealt.

Just wanted to share so that if there are any other caregivers who are younger and in a similar situation - I'm here if you need someone to relate/talk to!

Happy Lung Cancer Awareness Month everyone!

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Hi, Corrine, and welcome!

Sorry you had to go through all that.  I lost my mom at age 30 (my age) to metastatic breast cancer, but hers moved so fast at the end that despite the grief it wasn't a huge disruption to my life.  

How is your mom doing now?  Does she still depend on you to the same extent?  You say she went into hospice in 2016--I assume her condition has improved?

I hope you are able to start focusing on your own life a bit.  You might want to look into some counseling for yourself to help you get your life back in balance.  I don't know what your insurance situation is, but there are often community providers who can help on a sliding scale.  Just a thought.  It sounds like you've really got your hands full.


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Hi Corrine,

Boy, you and your mom have been through a lot. I'm not a caregiver, nor young. I hope you get some replies from younger people.

Hang in there.

Bridget O

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