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Will be away for a bit starting next week...


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I'm going on vacation Wednesday, and won't be back until after Thanksgiving.  I'm going to Vietnam!  I'm really excited (though always a bit stressful taking care of final details before I leave)--this is the same tour company I went to Morocco with a few years ago and they are AWESOME.  They do a lot of culturally-oriented activities, including spending time with local families.  A colleague of mine went on a trip there several years ago and LOVED it.  I've done my own research and it sounds like it will be a fascinating place to visit.

I'm taking my iPad, and apparently wifi is readily available most places we'll be, so I may pop in from time to time, but probably not as much as I normally do.  Unlike Tom, I am not likely to be posting long, detailed posts on my iPhone, lol.  

Just didn't want anyone to think anything's wrong.  :) 

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Vietnam is beautiful!  And even operating on 1.5 lungs, I managed without too much difficulty to climb 139 steep stone steps to cavern in Ha Long Bay. So grateful to be here. :) 

Just a few pics, for anyone interested: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cw1u7il39audszx/AADtWRikOTaSyLFbtNZ1WLKPa?dl=0. Touching the head of the turtle in the Temple of Literature gives you LONGEVITY.  


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i’m updating the Dropbox link every day or so with a few select pics. We were at the beach in Da Nang (formerly known as China Beach) yesterday and was ALMOST feeling guilty when I read about weather back home. Got slightly queasy a couple times, mainly from riding on bus I think. We are in Hoi An now, a beautiful ancient city with colorful shopping—especially at night. 

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