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Update on hubby


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We had to go to ER Saturday pain has increase and he had not felt well in days.  CT results were not good.  I just received call from palliative care to see how he was doing and she told me that the cancer is progressing and another fracture has occurred in the 4th rib and that was most likely what was causing his pain.  She also told me that with this happening that the Keytruda most likely would be stopped even though everything else was stable; the mass has increased another CM in just two months.  We knew about the mass increase and the rib fracture but I was surprised to hear that Keytruda would be stopped.  Not a good day.

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Hubby woke up nauseous and coughing up blood again.  Palliative care today Dr increased pain and nauseous meds. We have appointment with oncologist this coming Tuesday.  I don't think things look good; appointment next Tuesday with oncologist hopefully we will have more answers. 

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Thanks for all the replies it has been an up and down week.  Had appointment this past Tuesday with Dr. assistant my hubby and her decided together to go one more treatment so that is what has been done--I'm assuming this is the last Keytruda he will have the tumor has progressed into the chest wall and pleural cavity.  The oncologist office called us yesterday to set up appointment with radiologist for palliative treatments to give pain relief.  So as of today I don't know what will happen if this is the end and he goes to hospice or they try something else--I don't know; we have oncologist appointment December 4th and I am trying to brace myself for the worse.  I am at a lost of what to do I've searched all info I can and with his other problems very severe COPD I don't see chemo being an option but of course this is not my decision to make it's my husband's.

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