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Dad Feeling Tired and Weak


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My father was just diagnosed with lung cancer last week. The tumor is on his left bronchi and constricting his airway. Since the diagnosis, he's been feeling very weak and tired. He's having trouble walking up very slight inclines so I'm thinking stairs are out of the picture. Is this normal? What can I do to make him feel better and stronger? It pains me to see him like this as he's always been such a strong person. 

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I went through  similar circumstances with my brother. I listened to what he wanted. Gave him some needed control and easier for me. I tried doing things to take his mind away for even a few mins at a time. Just some thoughts that might help. How are you doing. Are you getting a break as well. T.V. , movie or visiting a friend or anything. Remember to take care of you so you can be there for him. You sound like I did . I felt helpless. But in reality are you doing a far bigger job than you realize by being there. God bless you for that. 

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Hi and welcome. Anything that constricts the airway and reduces oxygen intake is going to make someone feel tired and weak. Can you share any more about your father's diagnosis and treatment plan? Hang in there!

Bridget O

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Hi There,

I agree with Bridget 100%. His lack of energy is likely due to the reduced oxygen.  My mom's lung cancer recurrence was on the back of her trachea, where it breaks into the bronchus.  She felt like she could never catch her breath and anything strenuous was out of the question.  Prior to starting chemo + immunotherapy (she could not have this site radiated because it was too near the site of the original radiation area) she had a stent put in place to open up her airway.  Her airway was 70-80% closed off.  The stent immediately opened up the airway.  Docs can place stents in bronchial tubes too.  Perhaps this is something your dad will have once his docs get a plan of attack.  The procedure is minimally invasive and the stent comes out when the tumor is reduced/gone.  My mom had her stent for just a few months.  My mom's pulmonologist did the procedures.

Since you know your dad has lung cancer, I am assuming he has had a biopsy?  If so, what type of lung cancer does he have? Is there a treatment plan yet?

Take Care,


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