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Marta's Mother


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I don't know how many of you remember 'Marta'. Her real name was Laura and she works at the Dana Farber Institute. Her Mother went to the same oncologist that Earl goes too.

There had been no posts from Marta for some time, so I pm's her a couple of weeks ago, but heard nothing.

We were at the onc. this a.m. I asked about her. Unfortunately, she passed away, don't know when, and she was only 42.

Our doc. said that Laura is going to be a cancer researcher and a buddy of his works with her and says she is going to be good.


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Hi all,

Ginny, thanks so much for being thoughtful and asking Dr.Cohen about my mom.

I haven't posted in a while...I guess coming here and writing messages really makes me have to face the fact that I lost my best friend.

She died on January 26, 2004 in an inpatient hospice and was 46 years old.

The last days of her life were not peaceful or easy. She suffered quite a bit, and lingered. The doctors and nurses were amazed at how she hung on, and they told us that in hours she would be gone. She lived seven days after that prediction.

I am not grateful for that time, because she spent it unconcious and having seizures. After all that we have been through dealing with the fact that a 46 year old woman, my mother, would die from lung cancer, we were forced to watch her in agony day and night.

Please tell Dr.Cohen that I thank him for his compliment...I hope that he is right. Maybe someday I will do something for the cancer cure.


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Dear Laura,

I am so very sorry about your Mother. My mother has been dead for over 35 years and I still miss her.

Your mother must have been a lovely woman, Dr. Cohen didn't even think she was in her 40's. I was teasing him that she had a daughter out of college and unless she had Laura when she was 14, she must be in her 40's.

He definitely indicated that a buddy of his from the NIH was very high on you. We need young, eager people like you.

Stay with us. Let us know about your research.


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Laura (marta),

I do not know if you remember but we spoke over aol IM when my dad was sick and dicussed second opinions. I am so so sorry for your loss. I am not sure if you are in the boston area anymore. BUT if you are feel free to contact me if you ever need/want to get together. It is hard and so young. My dad will take good care of her.

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Laura, it's so hard to hear you lost your Mom. I just turned 45 and I am a new mom, so I just can't imagine this happening to someone so young.

I am very sorry for what she went through her last days, and the pain you and your family experienced, but take comfort that you have been a #1 daughter and were by her side. And I bet that you do alot to win the battle that took your mother.

God Bless you and good luck with your career. Your mother will smile from heaven and be very proud of you.

Karen C.

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